Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The summer before Sophomore Year (first offical blog:D)

O'tay, so this is my very first blog so sorry if it sucks! But I am starting this out as the summer before my sophomore year because i wasn't here for the whole freshman year! And that has to do with the fact that my biological mother is completely insane! My name is Brittany Blackburn and  am 15 years old, i have a twin sister named Tiffani and she and my other two sisters will most likely be in here a lot since i live with them, and they really are all i have to write about till school starts. Or till something completely amazing happens this summer!!! OK so here is a brief summary of them, Micheline is 12 and will have a blog on here so look it up. But she is like any half normal sister someone can have shes a cheerleader and has attitude that makes people love and despise her. Tiffani the twin is the complete opposite of me, she doesn't know when to shut up and is boring to a tee of the word. Tiera is fun like me and is quiet sometime she is social but she doesn't know her place all the time. But I love them all dearly and I hope that you all will love them almost as much as i do!! But now Micheline wants to start her own blog so I'll write more most likely tommorow but hey who knows:)

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